Public REST Services in REST API Browser

In Documenting your APIs with the Atlassian REST API Browser I read that to make a REST service appear as public API I need to use the PublicApi (or ExperimentalApi) annotation. Unfortunately this does not make my REST services to appear in the public section of the REST API Browser. Instead I need to unmark the checkbox to find them in the private section.

Yesterday I realized by accident that when I change the path of may REST services from “/projectdoc” to “/api/projectdoc” the services will be recognized as public. When I tried the same trick with another module “/projectdoc-maven” to “/api/projectdoc-maven” it fails (the service is still considered private). If I change it to “/api/projectdoc/maven” or “/api/projectdoc_maven” it will be considered public. But “/api/projectdocmaven” will not.

So this is the configuration in may atlassian-plugin.xml (with a version that works to mark the services as public):

    name="projectdoc Maven Extension Web-API"
    <description>Web access to projectdoc Maven resources.</description>

And this is the annotation I use on my REST resource:


Is there something obvious I do overlook (some additional configuration to be made in a config file or in the Java sources)? Does the “/api” prefix have some special meaning? Can somebody point me to some documentation or an example that publishes its REST resources marked as public successfully?

I am using Confluence 5.10.8.

Hi @rr1,
I think that this is hard-wired :frowning: . Maybe this answers you question:

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Hi Alex,

thanks for the link!

Quite old, but I did not find it by myself …



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