Publishing an Open-Source plugin for Bitbucket server


I’m on the processes of creating a Bitbucket plugin/app, to later be Open Sourced using the Developers SDK and I see 3 dependencies in my pom.xml file which I would like to know their open-source nature:

bitbucket-spi  (scope: "provided")
bitbucket-api (scope: "provided")

Are these open source?
Will these get in the way of making my plugin open source?

Many thanks for the help!

Hi @Matti - open sourcing a plugin/app is acceptable. As for those dependencies – you can reference the dependencies in your pom file. Do not, however, bundle Atlassian product source code into your repo. That’s prohibited, even if you do have access to the source (I mention that because paying customers of our on-prem products do have access to product source code).


Thanks @nmansilla, that helps!