Pullrequest.diff.context.expand.size does not seem to work

Is there a way to control the number of lines you can expand at a time in Bitbucket Data Center on a Pull Request diff? I see there is a pullrequest.diff.context.expand.size property but setting that value doesn’t seem to apply.

Hi @JoelLoeshelle,

In Bitbucket Data Center versions from 7.0 to 7.11 (included), it was not possible to configure the amount of context lines that would get expanded in the pull request diff views. However, starting from Bitbucket Data Center 7.12, it is now possible to do so, and the default behaviour has changed to expanding 25 lines of context in the diff by default. Have a look at the release notes for more details.

Matthieu Di Berardino
Bitbucket Data Center developer