Pushing 4 select findings to JIRA will not move over

Hello there!

I am using an app from our website that pushes jira tickets (in a one way manual integration).
My client is using on-prem, however for four specific tickets they will not push over from our platform to JIRA.

The client is able to put their password as the API token to login to their JIRA dashboard. As you can see on other tickets they have been able to push the findings over. However, for some findings (specifically 4), they are unable to process the JIRA ticket through. On our side we cannot see why it’s not working, it keeps producing a 400 error.

It is JIRA on-prem for the client.

Generally when Jira is sending the requestor a HTTP400 error, it is also including a JSON Payload with a serialized ErrorCollection. You should obtain that payload and inspect it for helpful information.

Hello, I have inspected the information as well as looked at the network and console tab. Please view the attached.

You’re not providing the payload. The network tab is where the payload is shown. Not the console.

Regardless, HTTP422 is the HTTP Unprocessable Entity. That implies that your request is malformed or has bad data in the payload.

Thank you for providing the note.
How can I revise the request to not have malformed data?
What is the issue causing this to not load?

As I stated you still haven’t provided the response from Jira. Since I can’t seem to get the information I need, I’ll tell you what you should be looking at:

  • Look at the JSON YOUR integration is sending to Jira. Perhaps you’re constructing bad JSON.
  • Look at the ACTUAL JSON response from Jira. You haven’t shown it yet.
  • Look in the atlassian-jira.log file on the Jira Server. It may offer more insight.

One of these sources could be telling you what the problem is. You need to look at them.