Python - How to access values from JIRA CustomFieldOption Object

When i get the data from a custom field in jira with the python jira api module.
As an example the following data structure is being returned.

[<JIRA CustomFieldOption: value='Example Value', id='11009'>, <JIRA CustomFieldOption: value='Example Value', id='11010'>]

But how can i access the values of each of the jira objects? I didnt find any way to do it and even chatgpt cant give me a working solution.

When i iterate over it and print out the iterate-value each time it gives me the correct value. but when i store it to a variable its the CustomFieldOption Object again not only the value.

@EugeneIhde I am having the exact same problem - did you find a solution?

Can you paste here the portion of your code where you’re trying to store the values? Just to check if there’s anything obvious that might be the cause

I found the solution to access the value over over the raw attribute.
I did it like this: ticket_issue.raw["fields"][field_name]

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I already found a solution. But thanks.