Question about reason JIRA.CONTENT_ADDED_REASON.dialogReady


I have a question about this reason.

When is actually triggered/set? The docs says:

When any dialog is ready to be rendered. The context is the content of the dialog.

Dialog means a popup like Create Issue?
I am trying to use this reason to bind some jquery commands when the Create Issue popup is displayed, but sometimes these commands are not executed.

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Here’s how I’m able to bind some JS code to the rendering of one particular dialog box.

// The dialogContentReady event is triggered by Dialog.js in the JIRA code base. It's no good binding to the
// '' event because that event is thrown before the content has been added to the dialog.
JIRA.bind('dialogContentReady', function(event, dialog) {

    // We only want the JIRA dialog that has an id starting with the string 'workflow-transition-'
    dialog.$popup.filter('div[id^=workflow-transition-]').each(function() {
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Thanks! I will give that code a try.