Question: Hello world app from tutorial loading infinitely

I followed this tutorial here Getting started exactly…
but after clicking on the Greeting tab in the apps section, the app keeps loading infinitely and shows Something went wrong error. Please help
these are my terminal windows:

edit: I tried local tunnel: Localtunnel ~ Expose yourself to the world instead of ngrok, and it works. I still don’t know what the problem with ngrok is though

Welcome to the Atlassian Developer Community, @GHMahimaanvita!

I tried the tutorial you linked and created the two files mentioned while copying the contents. So far it is working as expected on my end.

In your screenshot, what is the hello-world-page-jira being mentioned in the console logs?


Hello @iragudo
Thank you for replying.
Im sorry, I posted a wrong screenshot previously(from when I was experimenting with ACE framework)…
These are the correct browser console warnings

I also posted my terminal screenshot in the question…can you please take a look at it too?
Thank you

Hi @GHMahimaanvita,

This is a bit tricky to diagnose as the guide works for me. To cover all the bases, here are the node and ngrok versions I used:

  • node: v12.22.10 and v16.15.0 (I tried two different versions just in case)
  • ngrok: 3.0.5 (I see that you are still using version 2)

Here are possible scenarios I can think of that may yield similar results to that of you are experiencing.

  1. The ngrok authtoken was not registered, or
  2. ngrok was restarted causing the forwarding URL to change while the descriptor file (atlassian-connect.json in the example) still uses the stale value of baseUrl

With this statement, is it safe to say that there is no problem with the app and guide but more on how ngrok was setup and/or used?