Question: Runtime limit of async events API

We are currently implementing a long running task based on async events api of forge. We noticed that there is a runtime seconds limit for 25 seconds in invocations, but we did not see any information about that limits in async events. Is there also a limit in async events consumers?


@Atlassian-Staff Could you please give your advice on this issue? I have a similar problem with my co-programmer !

When you are handling the async events via an event consumer, you are still using a Forge function, so the same invocation limit applies to each invocation.

Hi @ShuminLiu and @DominikNarozynski,

As an update on this topic, we’ve recently announced an increase in the runtime limit for async event invocations from 25 seconds to 55 seconds. Please see my colleague @dmorrow’s example app to explain how to take advantage of this increased limit.

Since the 25s limit is now out of date, I’m closing this thread.

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