Questions about confluence

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I have few questions to ask and I appreciate your quick response please:
1- In the search, can I search my articles by type? User guides, support articles, FAQ…?
2- Once opening an article, do we have natively an indicator on the content showing if it is high reused? If, not, what do you suggest?
3- How are permissions managed in confluence? Can we have articles available in public and others restricted?

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Your best bet would be to ask this question over on the user community ( That said…

  1. You can search by label so if you label things by that you’d be good:
  2. Define reuse. Might be of help. Otherwise there are plenty of apps out there.
  3. Permissions are pretty easy. Content is open until it’s not. View everything’s being nested - ie confluence-space-page-subpage-subpage.

If the space limits editing - the pages are limited
If the parent page limits viewing - the subpages inherit that.

You cannot open things wider than the parent.

Hope that helps


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Thanks a lot @danielwester for your reply!