Questions regarding to the testing of a Data Center app

Hi there,

We are working on another app of ours to make it DC compatible and we have some questions regarding to it.

Could you please help us answering them?

  1. We do not use Jira endpoints at all. Should we still do the endpoint test? If no, is the readiness checklist enough?

  2. We are not planning to maximalize the cache size. Is it necessary to maximalize it?

Thank you for your answers in advance!

Best regards, Mark

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Hi Mark!

  1. Taken from “Performance and scale testing your Data Center app

    • If your app does not use a certain product endpoint, you are not required to test it.

    However I’m pretty sure you will still need to do scale testing, as also described in the linked page.

  2. You can either just implement cache size limits or say in the questionnaire that you don’t have any. In your DCHELP Ticket you will then probably be asked why that is the case. Depending on your reasoning your app might be approved without cache size limits. (Although I don’t think there’s a good reason to not implement limits)

Thank you Sven for your help! It looks reasonable. :slight_smile:

Best regards, Mark