Quick assistance for publish an app in marketplace

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We are running through an issue and looking for some quick assistance for the same.

We are looking forward to publish an app named as “CSV User Importer “ [Create JIRA users in bulk by uploading a CSV file] on Cloud Marketplace, but before we could go ahead and publish the app , we encountered the below scenario .

With the proposed App - we offer limited features to be used under “Trail Version” and a full-fledged application functionality as “Full Feature Set”.

Consider If the app is running already under trial period and our potential customer decides to upgrade it to Full version by opting to a subscription. JIRA seems to be restricting Customer straight away moving to the Full functionality.

It seems user must wait for a trial period to get ended, only then they will be able to use the application with full feature set as they are already under a trial period. I am wondering, if there are any policy constraint if user wants to move to “Active Subscription” when they are already in a trial period? Please refer the attached screenshots

This seems to be a barrier to us as our customer must wait for another few days before they can enable the subscription and start using the full feature of the app, is there solution for this kind of business scenario?

Hey @dchouksey89 - what you describe is correct, a Cloud trial lasts for 30 days and, providing the customer doesn’t cancel and valid payment options are present, then it switches to paid. We always give at least 30 days in this scenario to ensure the customer gets a full trial period. It’s not possible to switch over early to a paid subscription.

We encourage the trial period of an app to provide the full set of features, this way the customer gets a true representation of the functionality of the app while they are testing it out.

We see other Vendors opt to have two separate listings, a ‘lite’ free version and then a full paid version with all functionality present. The customer can then switch to the new app, to unlock the extra features.

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Can you explain more about the two marketplace listing?

When we go for two separate listings can we have the paid version without the 30 day trial? Our App features are unique and mostly one time use (JIRA admin function related). So if the users use the full functionality of the App in 30 days trial period they may not go for the paid subscription after the 30 day trial.

Please let us know of ways we can get the full feature App in paid subscription without 30 day trial period (We will have lite and full functionality app).


Hey @dchouksey89 - the 30 day trial is mandatory, you can’t work around this I’m afraid.

The two listing approach simply involves having a stripped down free version of the app, and then in app adds/notes pointing towards the fully featured one. Here’s an example of a lite version of an app, there’s a link to the full set on the page:



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