Quick question: hopefully it's an easy one

Is there a way via the REST API to determine the last time a space was updated? My app will be used to help customers cleanup spaces and it would be VERY helpful if they could see the last time a space was updated so they know exactly how stale the space is.

In my Jira cloud app, I am able to do this for the projects but I have not seen a way to capture this for my Confluence cloud app.

Thanks for any feedback/guidance.

Hi @LorenzoPhillips,

If there’s no direct support, maybe it’s possible to perform a CQL search for content in the space ordering the results by last update time (DESC) and limiting to one result. Then find the time the content was last updated. Note: I don’t know if CQL supports this query - something to investigate.


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Thanks. I’ll investigate this option.

Apologies for the delay, but I was able to get this working by using CQL as described by @dmorrow. Potential clients are reporting my app is significantly improved with this new feature so HUGE THANK YOU Dugald!

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