Random spanish results

Just started on my Confluence cloud plugin and it is working. Current functionality is pulling the blueprint template info back–for example, the blueprint template ID, name and description.

However, the template names randomly come back in what looks like Spanish sometimes–currently only pulling (4) templates and I’ll get anywhere from 1-3 of the names translated and only the names. Everything else stays in English thus far.

If I refresh, 1-4 times, they will all come back in English. Again, app is working just fine and I have pushed the results to the console so I know it’s not the browser doing any strange translations.

I successfully complete a Jira app that’s in the marketplace so not entirely new to Atlassian development, but am just getting started with the Confluence app—just to give a little background on myself. So I just want to make sure I’m not missing something and wondering if others are seeing these random results with their Confluence development.

Thanks in advance!

UPDATE: When it changes the name, it is also changing the description.

LATEST: So, it looks like when I use the stateSave=true option that the random Spanish shows up so I have set this to false. So far, the Spanish is not showing up but will post another update if it rears its ugly head again.

UPDATE: So, the setting of stateSave has nothing to do with it so I set that back to true. If I go directly into Confluence and edit any of the default Blueprint templates, the title will be English or some other language so this is definitely coming from Confluence and nothing that I am doing.

As long as it is not my code, I cool with that. :nerd_face::sunglasses: