Re-run app migration feature introduced in CCMA v3.4.7 and JCMA v1.9.4

We’re introducing a new feature to re-run failed or incomplete app migrations, which can be used by enabling a feature flag in:

  • CCMA version 3.4.7 and above
  • JCMA version 1.9.4 and above

If an app migration results in a failed or incomplete status, customers and Marketplace Partners can re-run the migration for apps individually without having to create a new migration plan.


At this stage the feature needs to be enabled via a feature flag. The main reason is that we’d like to give Marketplace Partners an opportunity to experiment with the feature and give us feedback by the end of July 2023, before we make this feature generally available.

If you are already using DiscoverableListener in your app with an automated path, there’s nothing you need to do. However, you can optionally implement a new interface to get access to the original transfer id.

You can also opt out of the feature if you believe re-runs can cause you problems.

More details about both scenarios at Re-run app migration.


If you’d like to make a contribution to this feature, please drop a comment on this topic or raise a ticket at