Re: v2 `ancestors` API behavior

Reposting and answering (apologies for the delay) the following question from @jens (from here)

could you please confirm if instances of this new content type show up in the V2 API at /pages/{ID}/ancestors, similar to how whiteboards are represented there?

Yes, for example, say we have the following content tree:

Space home page
|- a whiteboard
   | - an embed
       |- a page leaf

And we call the v2 API:
GET pages/{id of "a page leaf"}/ancestors,

the output today would look like this:

    "results": [
            "id": "453204411600",
            "type": "page"
            "id": "453204443229",
            "type": "whiteboard"
            "id": "453204377782",
            "type": "embed"
    "_links": {
        "base": ""

And this applies for the corresponding whiteboards/{ID}/ancestors API