React 18 Support for Atlaskit Components

Hi Atlaskit Team,

We currently using Atlaskit components in our React 16 app and plan to upgrade to React 18 soon. Could you let us know when Atlaskit will support React 18 or if team can provide a roadmap for the same? This information will help us plan our upgrade smoothly.

we are using following atlaskit components: -

@atlaskit/badge”: “15.0.22”,
@atlaskit/banner”: “11.4.11”,
@atlaskit/breadcrumbs”: “11.7.7”,
@atlaskit/button”: “14.0.4”,
@atlaskit/checkbox”: “11.0.8”,
@atlaskit/comment”: “10.7.3”,
@atlaskit/datetime-picker”: “10.4.0”,
@atlaskit/dropdown-menu”: “10.1.6”,
@atlaskit/editor-core”: “144.1.1”,
@atlaskit/form”: “6.3.2”,
@atlaskit/icon”: “21.11.4”,
@atlaskit/icon-file-type”: “6.3.6”,
@atlaskit/icon-priority”: “6.3.3”,
@atlaskit/inline-dialog”: “13.4.5”,
@atlaskit/inline-edit”: “12.2.6”,
@atlaskit/lozenge”: “11.3.4”,
@atlaskit/media-core”: “32.1.3”,
@atlaskit/mention”: “19.6.2”,
@atlaskit/mobile-header”: “5.0.9”,
@atlaskit/modal-dialog”: “11.6.1”,
@atlaskit/page-header”: “10.3.2”,
@atlaskit/pagination”: “13.1.0”,
@atlaskit/panel”: “0.4.8”,
@atlaskit/popup”: “^1.9.3”,
@atlaskit/progress-bar”: “0.5.5”,
@atlaskit/progress-tracker”: “8.4.2”,
@atlaskit/radio”: “5.4.5”,
@atlaskit/renderer”: “77.0.1”,
@atlaskit/section-message”: “6.3.7”,
@atlaskit/select”: “14.0.0”,
@atlaskit/spinner”: “15.3.2”,
@atlaskit/tabs”: “13.3.8”,
@atlaskit/tag”: “11.4.6”,
@atlaskit/tag-group”: “10.1.2”,
@atlaskit/textarea”: “4.5.4”,
@atlaskit/textfield”: “5.3.4”,
@atlaskit/toggle”: “12.5.6”,
@atlaskit/util-data-test”: “17.6.5”,

-Thank You


Hey mate thanks for the ping, apologies for the delay.

Internally there is work happening to be able to test components in both React 16 +React 18 to ensure a smooth migration for everyone involved. Once a package gets green builds on both versions it will have their peer dependency increased to support both.

As there’s quite a few moving pieces and teams involved I can’t give a specific roadmap / date for this right now. I’ll see if I find more information to provide to you.


@douges Thanks for update.

Looking forward to hearing from you soon ( Green Build )!


Good to know but what is the current state?
10%, 50% or 90% done?
Will it happen in 2024 or rather 2025+?



Oooh exciting to hear!

We’re starting to feel the pinch - a lot of the new libraries require 18. You can’t even install modern redux these days and use Atlaskit.

I know it’s hard but a timeframe would really help us greatly.


Now, as react-query dropped their support, we really feel the pain of being on React 16, too. Since last year, some of our apps have been using the Reacts gradual update approach. This allows us to run legacy components within an up-to-date React version. This is not ideal, but at least those sources are officially provided by the React team.


Oh wow. Thanks for sharing how you’re painfully dealing with it too. This wouldn’t have been a small amount of work on your end to plug in lazy loading everywhere.

Have you set any specific deadlines for completing the upgrade to React 18?


Hi folks, I am sharing a brief status update on where we are regarding React 18 support.

We are running multiple major products on React 18 (fallback mode) in production at Atlassian. We plan to add both R16 and R18 as peer dependencies for Atlaskit components by mid-2024 to allow a smooth transition period, after which we will move to R18-only support.

The components should work in apps running on R18 today. We want to add more testing and do extra hardening to catch regressions before we go official with the support. For apps that need R18, I’d encourage you to do the bump already. Let us know if you find any issues, and we’ll fix them.

We are working towards full R18 support (support for Concurrent mode and SSR streaming with Suspense). That work is involved on our side, and even late 2024 support will be a stretch.

Thanks for everything you do.


As long as you keep R16 in your peerDependencies I can’t upgrade. Our build process will fail if peerDependencies are not met, which is for good reason.

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What about these components?



Hi Folks,

I want to know about your atlaskit/tree(Atlaskit Tree) package. Do you guys have any plan to upgrade react version for this package.

Please help me in this.

@SamiJaatinen @douges Can you please confirm whether you guys have any plan to upgrade react version for atlaskit/tree package.