React with JIRA Server?

Hey together,

so I’m in the process of developing a plugin to enhance some of our custom workflows.
This includes designing some more advanced user forms.
I’m able to get that working basically, however I stumbled upon two things:

First, is there a possibility to use ECMA 6 with JIRA Server?

And extended to that, is there some “tutorial” on how to setup a JIRA Server plugin project to work with React?
I know it’s possible because it’s shown here:

However, I’ve to admit I’m a novice when it comes to Maven/Node.js. So is there a blog post somewhere (or maybe a repo that uses such a configuration) that explains that a bit further?

Hi @schollemarcus I feel like this talk from AtlasCamp might be related to your questions

Take a watch and let us know if it helped you out.



Even tough it might be possible to integrate a JS build process in JIRA, which enables you to use react, you will still rely heavily on jQuery.

The old UI elements aka AUI are still written in jQuery. To provide a smooth user experience to the addon users, you should probably use them.

The new AtlasKit react components would also be available to you, but they’d break the user experience, as the overall JIRA design is still based on AUI.

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True, there’s also a project in bitbucket that provides current aui elements as react components. Also you can cheat because aui is attached to the window object.

Automation Lite has a React-based UI for the configuration of custom automation actions.
So, this is technically doable, but as others pointed out, it looks somewhat different from the native AUI-based “JIRA look and feel”.

Actually, your answer has helped me quite a lot - although I’m using a different approach.

More related to

And it’s almost working. I still have one different issue, described here: Webpack WebResource empty in browser

I wrote a detailed article about it: