ReactJS-App not working without tunnel

I am currently fooling around a bit with forge and ReactJS.
So I created a Custom-UI forge app via “jira-global-page” template, removed the static content and recreated it with
npx create-react-app

Without any further changes it will render to this:

BUT: Interestingly it is only rendering when using
forge tunnel
without tunneling the site is empty :thinking:

I wonder why this is the case? A bug in the minification process perhaps? :person_shrugging:

Did you build and deployed the forge app? Tunnel serves the app from your local environment. Without it you need to build the app and deploy it.

Sure :slight_smile:
I don’t know that I can use an app in cloud without deploying and installing it anyway :thinking:
But yes, I do a deploy: nothing is rendering and after that I do tunneling and the app get’s rendered :person_shrugging:

I can try to uninstall, delete, redeploy and reinstall it - but I do not expect a change :wink:

“uninstall, delete, register, redeploy and reinstall” → done => same bahavior…

if you wish I can zip and upload the app so you could try for yourself :smiley:

tic-tac-toe.txt (79.2 MB)
renamed from .zip to .txt in cause of restrictions of upload :person_facepalming: