Reading the JQL that filters the issue list on the new Issues screen

In the legacy Issues view, the jql query string parameter was always set in the url, which our app was able to parse. Thus it was possible for us to query the same issue list that was being displayed to the user. In the new Issues view, the jql query string parameter is not always set. For example, when opening a project and clicking Issues on the left, the jql parameter is not set in the url initially, despite that a JQL filter is set by default. Then if we navigate to basic mode and set the project filter to the currently viewed project (leaving the issue list unchanged), the jql parameter gets added to the url. Switching back to JQL mode, the parameter is preserved in the url. This suggests that the jql parameter could work consistently, but initially it is missing, and as a result, our current approach based on it is not working reliably.

Is there any way to consistently read the current JQL that filters the issue list displayed to the user? If not, we would like to request either the jql query string parameter to always be set in the url of the new Issues view (both in basic and in jql mode), or a jql context parameter to be added to the list of available Jira context parameters (see Context parameters).

Gabor Dicso