Real time issue events (EAP)

We’re pleased to announce two new features: issue view real time updates and issue view real time events. We’re releasing both these capabilities as an Early Access Program.

Issue view real time updates were previously available for sites without any Connect or Forge apps installed. Now, the feature is ready for all sites. With the new capability enabled, every time the issue view is updated, Jira will emit a change event which both Forge and Connect apps may use to update their UIs accordingly.

To test the feature in your app, our team needs to enable it for your Jira instance first. To join the EAP, request access through this form.


Hi @vpetrychuk ,
This sounds exciting! Any details on what “Jira will emit a change event” means? Is that going to be a webhook? Anything else?
Thank you!

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Hi @roman.lutsiv!

It is purely a client-side feature and the event will be distributed to apps rendered on the issue view using an existing event bus system - for Connect and {events} from @forge/bridge for Forge.

If you are interested in backend events, they already exist and could be found here:

P.S. It is nice to see your avatar after such a long time! :slight_smile:


Great! Should this issue get the update?

Hi @KsaweryBuczkowski! We plan on closing the ticket only after the feature is fully delivered and publicly available for everyone. While in EAP, it will rather stay in the current “in progress” state. I’ve added a comment to the issues as well as updated the Status in the description for now.


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Hi @vpetrychuk ,

If I understood correctly, from Forge Custom UI (and Client Side UI Kit too?), to get those events, we will do:

import { events } from "@forge/bridge";

events.on("EVENT_NAME", (payload) => console.log(payload)))

Can we have some documentation, aka the EVENT_NAME and maybe the payload type/schema ?

Hi @SilvreLestang,

Client Side UI Kit works too since it utilizes the same bridge Custom UI does.
The documentation is linked in the into EAP post (you should get an access to it after submitting the form):

For Forge it would be:

import {events} from '@forge/bridge';

events.on('JIRA_ISSUE_CHANGED', (data) => {
  console.log('JIRA_ISSUE_CHANGED (Forge)', data);



@vpetrychuk, is there any documentation available? Can you please post a link?


Hi @jack,

There is! It is linked to the closed EAP community pinned post you may gain access to by requesting through this form. However, let me link it here just in case you want to check it without applying for EAP:
Real time issue events - Documentation.pdf (160.8 KB)


Thank @vpetrychuk. That sheds some light on the feature.

I have one question though to the “limitations part” of the docs, namely following:

  1. When the issue is modified by the user who is currently viewing it, it will not be refreshed. This is because we assume the change was made by that same user and there is no need for an update.

What does it mean actually? What the bolded “it” is, in the text above?
I’m asking because currently, when user, for example, transitions issue, the issue view is refreshed and the iframe is reloaded for Connect app. Will it change?


Hi @vpetrychuk we requested and tested this feature in our dev site and it works great!
When this will be available for every site? Thanks!

We are offically closing public EAP. Thanks for trying this feature and sharing your feedback. Now we are going through te process of getting Jira Real time issue events to Global Availability.

@jack Sorry Vitally is on sick leave so I’m not 100% sure what he meant but I think it supposed to be Issue View. In your case it should work as before.

@AlejandroSurezTecnof sorry for late response. We are actually in the process of preparing for release so it’s hard to provide any concrete date but it should be soon.

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