Receiving multiple payloads to my listener even after sending acknowledgement to JMCA with 200

Hi Guys,

We are getting multiple payloads for the same transferid with 2m of interval. Even though after sending a successful 200 status JSON response to JCMA.

we are not doing anything with LISTENER_TRIGGERED event, we just skip it and looking for the APP_DATA_UPLOADED event. Once we got that payload, we start our migration on the cloud side. If migration successful we return a JSON response object with 200 status code to the JCMA
as shown below ( is this correct format to send 200 to JCMA for acknowledgment as shown below.)

statusCode: 200,
body: JSON.stringify(“Success”),

Even after sending this JSON response with 200, we are getting multiple payloads for the same transferid. Can you please suggest on this. Are we sending the proper formatted 200 status code to JCMA.

Refer to below screenshot as per my code, for sending 200 status format to JCMA after migration completed. is this format is correct to avoid multiple payloads.

Hello @DharmaTeja ,

Could your code be taking more than 10 seconds to reply?
That’s the time-out we have and a late response would be considered a failure.
More details at Events