Receiving multiple webhooks when issue is created

In case of at least one Jira we are receiving multiple webhooks when issue is created there.
One of the extreme cases made 6 calls (6:14pm, 6:20pm, 6:33pm, 6:41pm, 6:48pm, 6:57pm)

I’ll add that we use these webhooks without issues for more than 2 years. I’d suppose it’s a change or a bug.

Does anyone have an idea?


Please double check if you respond with a proper http code so Jira knows that webhook handling was successful. Otherwise it tries to repeat the webhook. This is just theory that I have, though.

According to our logs it’s been 204 No Content for a long time now.

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I am facing same issue
Every web-hook in which the we respond with status 204 Jira Cloud resend it five times
As per atlassian documentation resend policy implies to only to 408, 409, 425, 429 and 5xx status codes
@wladyslaw.bodzek did you find any resolution of this issue

thanks in advance

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