Redirect to Confluence-Space from my C# application and avoid login page.

I have a desktop application, up on click on a button I need to open default browser loaded with one of my Confluence Space(This confluence space is restricted for anonymous user).

I have created a user in Atlassian with access to this particular confluence space. How can I authenticate through my desktop application (in background) so that when my application user clicks on the button he should able to see the Confluence space in his browser.

A standard method of integration between an external app and Confluence is to use Application Links. The underlying auth protocol is OAuth 1.0. Application links are applicable to both Confluence Server and Confluence Cloud. These docs provide more information.

@nmansilla, I could see with Application links we can communicate across Atlassian Products. But in our case, the application is a .Net application (Desktop).

Can I have some sample code, how to pass my authentication from my desktop application(.Net) to the default browser to load the Confluence Space.