Redirect users to a confluence space overview page without going through the confluence login flow


Good day everyone!

We have an mvc web application and we need to redirect it’s users to a URL similar to this one upon clicking on an anchor tag;

This space is not a public one. Hence it usually asks for the atlassian credentials. But our users don’t have atlassian accounts and we need a way to provide access to this page using one generic account.

Can anyone explain the process of implementing something like this?


@tharaka92 first of all, I’ll start by saying that you should proceed with caution when it comes to opening up your Confluence Cloud instance to public / anonymous users. As far as I know, there is not a way to circumvent the authentication/login page unless your Confluence Global Permissions settings have Anonymous Access set to :white_check_mark: Can Use.

If that global setting is set to true, then you’ll need to insure that all of your individual spaces that you still want to be locked down are set properly in the Space Permissions > Individual Spaces settings. Secondly, in the individual spaces that you want to allow public/anonymous access, if you do have content that you’d like to restrict, set those permissions properly on a page-by-page basis.

As for your “one generic account” idea – not recommended; however, there’s nothing that precludes you from creating an account that you share broadly. But… you must proceed with caution to insure that you’re not opening up access to other spaces.

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Hey @nmansilla, Thanks for your response!

Please take a look at below link where an Atlassian team member has answered me yesterday about this question and please let me know your expert opinion.