Redirect when clicking on edit for a macro

Hi! I’m creating a macro similar to and I would like to redirect to a separate page where we can actually edit a diagram when clicking on the pen/edit button.
Currently all I found in the documentation is a way to reveal a panel with some properties that we can use in the macro, but nothing to redirect to an actual page. (
I guess, this involves the router, but no idea how to use that with a configuration (as it seems we need to use a configuration option to be able to edit the macro…)

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Hi @GildasOlympio,

Are you using UI Kit or Custom UI?

Unfortunately, this cannot be done in the edit button.
Please try to create a button inside your app to achieve the redirect functionality.

If you’re using a Custom UI app, you can use Router to navigate to another URL.

Hi @DganitZuriel Sorry for the super late reply. Thanks for your response.
I am using Custom UI, but I was wondering how did draw io manage to achieve this? Using the edit button (standard pen button) they are achieving a redirect to their own page. Maybe is there a trick to make this happen as a two step process or something like that?
Thanks again

Hi @GildasOlympio,

I believe that was implemented with Connect.
As far as I know that’s not possible with Forge at the moment.

Redirect functionality can be done with router in Custom UI as I mentioned previously.
I hope it helps in your case.