Redis as cache in connect app

I wanted to use redis as cache for the plugin, but encountered some problems while trying to use. As it is instructed in spring documentation I added spring-boot-starter-data-redis and jedis dependencies and let the spring boot to autoconfigure it.
Even though, I have disabled redis for repositories, it getting same error ("Spring Data JPA - Could not safely identify store assignment for repository candidate interface com.atlassian.connect.spring.AtlassianHostRepository. ") only for AtlassianHostRepository.

enabled: false

Is there anyone who faced this before?
Thank you.

@MesutCan, I have seen plenty of problems related to AtlassianHostRepository, but not this one. I had a quick look at it yesterday, but couldn’t get the repository scanning to work properly. It definitely should be possible. As a last resort, creating a sub-interface of AtlassianHostRepository with JPA-specific markers, as the error message suggests, should work, I think…

I will try to find some time next week to have another look, mostly because I’m curious. This really is a general Spring Data + Spring Boot problem, so Stack Overflow seems like a good bet :slight_smile:

If you come up with a solution yourself, please post it back here for reference.

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