Reduced-ui-version of atlaskit

I’m trying to get the non react version of atlas kit and I’m having a problem getting it down. I’m getting an error on it’s dependency: "Error: Invalid name: “@atlaskit/util-shared-styles” ". I was wondering if somebody with stronger magical incantation skills had been able to to get hold of it.

@daniel Are you using npm install to get it?

Actually managed to track it down. Looks like i was a bug in the version of npm that I was using (latest 3.x). I upgraded npm to 4.x and things got installed properly. Time to start migrating away! :smile:


Awesome! That’s good.

@daniel (and others), can you share how you are using ADG3 components without React? I’m looking at the beta website and the NPM modules and most common modules that I’m currently using in my add-ons now require React. Based on your reply I assume you are also looking to use ADG3 without React so I’m wondering how you achieved this.


There are 2 packages which provide only a CSS resource. These are @atlaskit/css-reset and @atlaskit/reduced-ui-pack. The latter provides styles for some specific HTML+CSS patterns that mimic some of the common AtlasKit components. They don’t have all the variants available to their React counterparts. They should allow you do some nice page layouts, with forms and buttons. There’s no JS requirement so it will work with any tech stack (even React if you just need some light-weight forms).

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Thanks! I’ve been playing around with the reduced-ui-pack but it will be almost impossible to conform to ADG3 with these limited resources. Are there any plans to fully support ADG3 for non-React add-ons? Or should add-on developers consider to switch to React if they want to provide a proper in-product user experience?

@remie moving to React would definitely give you access to more components.

Sure… but are there any plans at all to also create a HTML / VanillaJS version of ADG3? Or is it only going to be React (with some minor UI stuff available in reduced-ui-pack)?

@remie No plans and reduced-ui-pack is it at the moment.