ReferenceError: React is not defined


i use ACE with React and typescript and implemented 1:1 the example of codesandbox to use Dynamic Tables.

Generation of react code works but when i load rows for DynamicTable of example i run into problem that React is not defined. Problem occurs at the point when i use React components e.g. DropdownMenu. For that component /*#__PURE__*/React.createElement(dropdown_menu_1.default, { ... is generated and React is not found at that point.


ReferenceError: React is not defined
    at ...\views\node\hello-world.js:483:29
    at (<anonymous>)
    at Object.parcelRequire.M7WZ../lorem (...\views\node\hello-world.js:477:40)
    at newRequire (...\views\node\hello-world.js:47:24)
    at localRequire (...\views\node\hello-world.js:53:14)

Generated code for AvatarWrapper React component:

exports.rows = (president, index) {
  return {
    key: "row-".concat(index, "-").concat(,
    isHighlighted: false,
    cells: [{
      key: createKey(,
      content: /*#__PURE__*/React.createElement(NameWrapper, null, /*#__PURE__*/React.createElement(AvatarWrapper, null, /*#__PURE__*/React.createElement(avatar_1.default, {
        size: "medium"
      })), /*#__PURE__*/React.createElement("a", {
        href: ""
    }, {
      key: createKey(,

Are there any suggestions to solve?

Thanks Markus