Refresh Bamboo data in the Power BI Web Service

I’ve built a Power BI report to pull information from Bamboo. Specifically I’m using this endpoint for my initial testing: /api/latest/result.

It all works fine in Power Query, and also in Postman, but when I publish to the Power BI web service I can’t get it to refresh. I just get a ‘Processing Error’ saying ‘Unable to connect to the remote server’.

Here’s the first couple of lines of my query:

BambooInstance = “https://xxxxxxxxxx/rest/api/latest”,
Source = Json.Document(Web.Contents(BambooInstance, [RelativePath=(“/result.json”), Headers=[Authorization=“Bearer xxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxxx”,Accept=“application/json”]])),

My Data Source Credentials are set to ‘anonymous’ and the Privacy Level to ‘Organizational’ in both Power Query and the web service.

Has anyone come across a similar error, or have any idea what I might be able to try next?

Many thanks in advance.