Refresh sortable tables

Dear community,

does anybody know how to refresh the table sorting from your own JS?

Background: my plugin dynamically adds and/or modifies tables. In case you add tables the sorting capabilities are not applied. In case you change the table content sorting is screwed up. Therefore I have to refresh the sorting.

I’m running on Confluence 6.3.x. I already know that confluence-sortable-tables/sortable-tables has a refresh function but I’m not able to access it properly.

Thank you


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What do you mean you aren’t able to access the refresh function

The way Atlassian does it with “require(‘confluence/module-exporter’).safeRequire(‘confluence-sortable-tables/sortable-tables’)” results in “Error: No confluence-sortable-tables/sortable-tables”.

I ended with using AUI sortable tables. The documentation is better for those.