Refreshing issue view in Forge

I am currently working on application that will aim to add comments to the issue user is working with.
Is there any way how to invoke view refresh so the created comment appears in the comments list?

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Hi @michal.vrany,

Currently there’s no way to trigger a refresh of the page.
Are you using asUser() or asApp() to call the comment API? If you use asApp(), the issue may live-update since it will be a change not (technically) made by the user.

I am using asUser since the app should create the comment as the user would comment on the issue.
In the use case of the app it would not make sense to use comments as application.
Thanks for the response. Looking out to changes in forge api, maybe one day it will be possible.

Thanks @michal.vrany. I have filed a feedback issue requesting an API to help you with this case:

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any updates on this? we really need the methods refreshIssuePage and openIssueDialog in Atlassian Forge. We really do not want to switch back to Connect because of these features :frowning: