Refreshing the new issue content view

I’m specifically having trouble with the attachments panel. The API call to remove is successful, and the attachments are removed on a page refresh. I’m calling AP.jira.refreshIssuePage(); however, it doesn’t appear to refresh the new issue content view.

Is there a new refresh function for the new view?



Unfortunately, Atlassian optimized the way refreshIssuePage() works. In New Issue View it does not refresh everything.
I have the same problem with disabling Issue Content panel - refreshIssuePage() does no longer works in this case (Issue Content panel does not disappear).

Hopefully, someone from Atlassian Connect team can explain it more and maybe consider fixing it.

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Hi @jack and @jdawson, I just wanted to give a quick update. I can verify that refreshIssuePage() does not refresh the issue with deleted items on the new issue detail view. This is because of the fact that the new issue view is in React and it does behave a bit differently.

I have scheduled this to get fixed ASAP and will let you know on this thread when it is in production.

A quick note about the refreshIssuePage() function is that it will be much more useful in the new issue experience because it is in React. When you call this, it will not cause an entire reload of the issue, but will instead reload the virtual DOM and re-render specific elements that have been updated (like a glance), so it looks like the issue is automatically updating specific pieces that have changed state. So it should be a much better user experience for our customers! But first we need to get this bug sorted.

Thanks for bringing this to our attention! Cheers

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That’s a great news @tpechacek!

I’m happy to test fixed version as soon as it is available.


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Hi @tpechacek, is this fixed? is there any function that works as refreshIssuePage()?