Regarding generating jwt token for connect app

Hi Team,
I have created a custom app for confluence cloud which is using a third-party API,
but for that we need jwt token,
I am not able to generate that token
please assist to make such connect app that will help me to generate token.
please do this on priority

Hi @ShubhangiNikam ,

Atlassian has JWT libraries for various languages (eg Java, Python etc)

You can read more on how to generate JWT tokens in the below link by Atlassian

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can you please send me a simple application which generates
a JWT token using third party API
please Assist me…

Hi, if you’re sending requests from the Connect app, you can send authenticated requests with AP.request() ( Request), or get a token with AP.context.getToken() (Context)

Keep in mind those tokens are for Atlassian services. If you are connecting to a 3rd party API, you will need to generate a token according to the 3rd party specifications.


Thanks for suggestion, I will apply this information