Registering an app gives "An app with this key already exists. Please choose another key." error

I am trying to do the getting-started tutorial ( and got stuck at step 7, registering an app.

If I understand right, the localBaseUrl in the development section of the config.json file has to be the same as the URL inserted in the register app form. I looked a lot of times to make sure it is :slight_smile:.

Ngrok and the npm app reports a successful delivery of the atlassian-connect.json file. I also verified, calling the URL in a browser, that the atlassian-connect.json file contains the correct URL.

What I just discovered is that the request fired when submitting the register app form returns a 400 (bad request) error code. So I suspect the error message is misleading and there is another cause.

Is there something I missed ?

@ion welcome to the Atlassian developer community.

The key is part of the app descriptor, in the atlassian-connect.json file. And apparently, the getting started documentation you cited doesn’t mention that you need to change the default from example-app or you will collide with literally everyone else who is trying out the getting started. Sorry for the confusion. Could you please rate the page and mention the problem you had?