Registration is now open for the Forge Roadmap Webinar Series: Q4 2021

Hi everyone,

We’re launching a new series of quarterly webinars presented by the Forge Product team. These webinars will cover the Forge roadmap as well as recent releases, and we invite you to join us for the first broadcast on November 16, 9am CET | 7:00pm AEDT.

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  • Johnny Ferguson, Head of Product Management, Ecosystem Platform
  • Product Managers from across the Forge team.

We’ll cover:

  • Atlassian’s investment in Forge and our vision for the future of the app ecosystem
  • How we’re working to unblock some of the most requested Forge features
  • The newest features developers can expect in recent and upcoming Forge releases
  • Live Q&A

The November webinar will be timed for our European audience, and next quarter we’ll broadcast during US business hours. Even if you can’t make it to the live event, we encourage you to register - we’ll share the recording after the broadcast, so you can catch up when it’s convenient for you.

Feel free to pre-submit your questions for the Q&A section here in this thread. We’ll add them to our list and try to cover as many questions as possible during the webinar.

Thanks - hope to see you there!

Karen White
Developer Marketing


Hi @kwhite,

Here are some blockers and issues from Stiltsoft (Platinum Marketplace Partner) and its EU subdivision. More and more enterprise customers ask us about the migration of our apps to Fore as a more secure option in comparison to Atlassian Connect.

To migrate the Table Filter and Charts app (> 11k installs), we need the following features in Forge:

  1. Bodied macros ([BLOCKER] FRGE-216). The app’s macros use tables and other macros as a data source and as content to be modified. It is a core feature of the app. The absence of bodied macros is the blocker to implement the app on Forge.
  2. Custom UI in macro configuration (FRGE-545). The app’s macros have complex and flexible settings. To make macros useable, we use a custom dynamic UI in the macro configuration.
  3. Administration of allowed hosts (FRGE-544) the app can make requests to. The app has macros that get data from the user-specified URLs. It would be a good approach for an administrator of instance to decide which URLs are allowed instead of specifying any URL in the app descriptor that looks suspicious when deciding to install the app.

Another app we are unable to migrate to Forge is the Handy Macros for Confluence app (1500+ installs). Its core feature Handy Status macro along with some other macros in the set are blocked by the absence of inline macros support ([BLOCKER] FRGE-511).

We will be glad if you could share with us your plans, estimates, or any other details about the features listed above. Also, we would like to know if you have any plans to support Forge for Bitbucket Connect?

Best regards,


Thanks @dzagorovsky! I’ve added these to our question list.

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Hi @dzagorovsky

Thanks for the amount of detail you’ve put into this question. There are a few important pieces to this and I’m cautious that it may be difficult for us to provide a thorough answer to your question in webinar format.

When it suits you, lets schedule some time to go through these blockers in more detail - please find my calendly link here to book a session.

(Anyone else reading this thread is more than welcome to book a session with me using the above link to discuss any Forge blockers that you may have)



Hi @kwhite could you please share the recordings if you have them?

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Hey @chhantyal , you bet! The video is still processing, but I’ll share the link here by the end of the day. It’ll also go out in a follow up email shortly :slight_smile:

The webinar recording is now available! If you have any questions or feedback, please reach out to me. Otherwise, we’ll see you next quarter :slight_smile:


Hi @kwhite Thank you for sharing the recording.

I was really hoping that questions @dzagorovsky raised above would be at least mentioned, as you said.

But none of the questions that are linked to Forge tickets were discussed during Q&A round. Would be great to get some details on these topics.

@chhantyal We were thinking that this question might be better handled offline to get @dzagorovsky a thorough answer, but we recognize the broader community would benefit from the information as well.

@JordanKoukides has made a note to circle back and share some updates on this thread shortly.


Hi @chhantyal and @dzagorovsky

Apologies for the slow reply, I have been waiting for more concrete info to relay back to you but it has been taking longer than expected. Our product teams are definitely aware of the need for both of these items (nested macros and inline macros), we are meeting this week to discuss timelines so fingers-crossed I will have more news to share shortly.

Thank-you for your patience!


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