Release Candidate for Jira 8.9 is now available

A release candidate means the official release is just round the corner. If you haven’t had time to test Jira 8.9, now’s the last chance! However, if you’ve already tested Jira 8.9 EAP 02, you can put your feet up because it’s practically the same as this RC.

The main feature of the 8.9 release are the new options to monitor your Data Center cluster. Have a look at the details here . Feel free to download the RC from this page .
If you’re using , make sure to download 8.9.0-m0003.

Should you have any comments, just post them below.

Happy testing,

The Jira team

Dear Atlassian peeps, don’t forget to update the latest updates page.

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I would like to know the latest product-version-matrix :grinning:

Good point, David! Updated!

We have switched to the new matrix, which is more comprehensive. The Jira version is available here.

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Thank you for useful information!