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Ok @bitvoodoo-atlassian,
If you plan a new release why not sending out an email to all vendors (a day before public release) with a download link?
At the moment it’s always a suprise…

@nwade :wink: ?


Ah yes, the release notification discussion… I’ve asked the same question on the Marketplace google groups e-mail list (according to my archive, this was back in 2013!) and I think it has been a topic of discussion many times before and afterwards.

The default answer from Atlassian is: we have EAP releases, there is a EAP RSS feed ( to which you can subscribe, so we’re good.

The problem is: those resources also don’t get updated consistently. So you will create some listeners to the RSS feed only to find out the product has already shipped. The only reliable source of truth here is the JSON feeds from Atlassian Marketplace that are use by the various Atlassian websites.

BTW, this is why, after 5 years of waiting for Atlassian to fix this, I created


@remie - ah, thanks for creating and sharing that. Yes, indeed, we’d definitely like to offer that directly to the community. The Dev Experience team will dig in deeper. /cc @pch

Hi @nmansilla: that would be great! Any change you can share an expected timeline? Because it would be interesting for me to know whether it is fruitful to continue development of or not :slight_smile:

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@remie cool page

We’ve created a script that does the same but creates a Jira ticket everything a new Jira comes out. But that is not a solution for the problem.

We need to know a day before the public release and run our tests.

Eap is for major changes but we often find incompatibilities in minor releases… @nmansilla?

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@pch do you really have customers that upgrade to the latest version on the same day it is released?

@remie yes I do,

but the issue is that sometimes we have to fix something and we’ve got a delay
Its hard to plan something ahead if a new release will fore your team to drop everything and run doing tests and fixes…

Personally, I think you’re overcomplicating this. Looking at your numbers I think I have a similar install base and in the past 5 years I’ve never experienced any customer who didn’t understand if compatibility for new versions of the host applications took some time in case of breaking changes. A time frame of 2 weeks for compatibility is acceptable. I believe 2 weeks was also the time frame that was promoted by Atlassian in the Verified program, even though that requirement was never enforced (and eventually dropped) because… Atlassian could not deliver on the promise of providing release notifications :joy::joy::joy:

Either way, I also don’t see how a 1-day prior to release notification would solve your issue of having to scramble your developers to test and fix compatibility. Oh wel… I guess this is just not the way I would deal with this (and am dealing with it).

Of course it goes without saying that I fully support a solution in which either the community or Atlassian provides a solid release notification system. But I think my 2 cents worth of advice would be not to stress to much about this.

That’s really cool and a useful utility @remie. One quick note, the JSON feeds and the RSS feeds should in theory always reflect same - they’re from, not Marketplace - however I’ve heard loud and clear that RSS is unreliable. Appreciate the feedback, and your contribution to the community. -nick

Oh my bad, indeed these are the JSONP endpoints. Interesting to know that they are also driving the RSS feeds. Perhaps this is more a client program (RSS reader) problem that RSS feeds are conceived to be less reliable?

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@remie I totally agree 1day is not enough, 5-3 days notice would be enough in most of the cases.

Its super simple solution -> Atlassian is ready -> sends out email or update rss with a private download link via the vendor account -> we test and report bugs to Atlassian :smile: -> fix apps compatibility -> 5days after private release Atlassian goes live

@nwade what do you say? :smile:

Actually @nmansilla pointed out the Developer Experience team is digging in further earlier in the thread. I’ll be working with them - thanks @pch