Release of new endpoints for Confluence REST API v2

We are excited to announce new endpoints ready for use in version 2 of the Confluence REST API.

These granular endpoints correlate to more specific functions and allow you to be intentional about how you interact with Confluence data. Content is broken down into specific types - so you can work with pages, blog posts, and more as discrete entities.

When retrieving bulk content, these granular endpoints also offer faster speeds (up to 30x). Our new cursor-based pagination allows quick iteration through content.

The following endpoints are now available:

Please have a look at the changelog for more information or our docs to explore the API.

This release includes support for Connect, OAuth 2.0 (3LO), and Forge apps.

We’re eager to get your feedback at this time. Please join the discussion in the Developer Community by tagging your community questions with rest-api-v2 to surface them to our team. Let us know what use cases you’re building, as well as what feature requests and fixes you’d like to see. We’re excited to work closely with you to shape the future of this API.


Hi @SimonKliewer,

Very cool to see you continue working on the V2 REST API, thanks for sharing!

I have a question about the following endpoints:

As far as I can tell, these endpoints provide results in a global scope, without being able to further restrict the scope to e.g. specific spaces or page trees, right? In a real world scenario I can imagine this being useful only for a limited amount of use cases. This is because from my experience apps tend to operate within a scope such as a certain space or a page tree, and not so much on a global level.

In large instances, where there are hundreds of thousands of pages, the performance benefits that the V2 endpoints may bring would then be lost if apps in turn have to perform significantly more REST calls towards Confluence.

Do you maybe already have in mind adding something like spaceKey or ancestorId parameters to these types of endpoints, or are these V2 endpoints rather intended to work exclusively on a global level?



Hi @SvenSchatter!

Thanks so much for the response and enthusiasm towards the new endpoints!

This is great feedback - we are in the process of both delivering new endpoints and improving our now released endpoints, so input like this is exactly what we need.

We have logged both of these suggestions and will make additional posts as these improvements are made.

Thanks so much!

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Can v2 api can be called with custom UI? I’m getting 400 responses.

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