Reload the current page

I would love to signal that to Jira that some information should be reloaded in the issue currently being displayed.

I have a feeing there is some built in functions that Jira use to hydrate the interface with updates, but I think forge is very far away from reaching such integration.

Another way I can see is just to reload the current page. Asking the user to hit F5 is not really cool so I have been looking at custom UI’s ability to navigate the current window or open a new window:

Is there a way to reload the current page?

I know the issue my code is running on - but I dont know how the user is looking at the issue - like how do I get the information needed for /secure/RapidBoard.jspa?rapidView=1&projectKey=ULTRA&modal=detail&selectedIssue=ULTRA-16?

One way would be to get access to the current URL and sue that to navigate like router.navigate(router.currentUrl())) - or even better - a dedicated router.reload() that can reload only the modal/selected issue that the user is looking at.

Is there a way to reload the same from UI kit?

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Hi @MWulff, unfortunately there isn’t a way to reload the current page in either custom UI or UI kit.

This issue would be the best one to track for that:

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Nice to see its already on the roadmap. Thank you for a fast reply.