Reminder: Deprecation notice for the existing migration model retrieving migration details with containers

Hello Team,

This is a reminder that we put out a deprecation notice for a change in the migration model.

You can read the deprecation notice here

What this means in practice is that in order to retrieve migration details, you will need to use the new migration model EnrichedMigrationDetailsDtoV1 without the containers and creator fields.

In cloud, once we’ve made this change, you won’t need to specify the ?version=1 when registering webhooks as all returned data will be in the new model.

In server, you will also need to implement the onStartAppMigration method of interface AppCloudMigrationListenerV1 to receive the migration details in the new model. See an example here.

And use the new API in AppCloudMigrationGateway to retrieve containers (Confluence Spaces, Jira Projects etc.) associated with a migration in a paginated form. See an example here.