Reminder to submit your requests to be featured for Q4 2021

Hi Ecosystem!

This Friday marks the start of October, which means it’s time to re-evaluate all the Staff Picks and featured apps in our collection pages on Marketplace. Please make sure to submit your requests by end of day this Thursday, September 30 so we can start the evaluation process on Friday.

I published an overview of what goes into choosing Staff Picks earlier this quarter that you’re welcome to revisit. A few tips/reminders on submission requests:

  • Staff Picks are the most requested way to be featured. One Staff Pick request and a secondary category request is the best way to get your app selected for a least one of your choices.
  • It’s easier to be selected for a Staff Picks location where you are not currently featured.
  • Please remember the limit of 3 and make sure no one else on your team has also filed tickets.



Hello, the link to the overview is “broken”. At least for me. Could you please check it out?

Thanks @AndyJames ! Link is updated and should work now. Let me know if it’s still giving you trouble :slight_smile: The information is also available in the partner portal, if you have access there -

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