Remote link renderer for Jira Cloud

Jira server allows custom remote links renderers. Is it possible to make a custom remote link renderer for Jira Cloud (Forge, preferably)?

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Hi @OndejMedek,

Have you seen this Connect module? It doesn’t look like there’s something similar available for forge.


@SvenSchatter Is it really a Connect module for the Cloud? I’ve found just Smartlinks for Confluence and Jira module for the Jira Server.

From the discussion bellow the community post Smart Links, a richer way to hyperlink you have provided, I think this is an internal Jira Cloud functionality based on some internal (not-opened) Forge functionality, e.g. see the comment: @JonnoKatahanas Atlassian Team Jul 06, 2020:

Opening Smart Links up for third-parties to build is definitely our plan. We’ve built Smart Links on Forge intentionally so that we can open up to third-parties in the future. We don’t have a concrete timeline for when this will happen but we are hoping we’ll have something for you by early 2021 (calendar year, not financial). We’ll be sure to update our Marketplace Partners when we know more.

I have asked about remote links, but this is about links in the rich text editor. Both may serve my need. I need to overcome and render links wich custom scheme (like notes://...) somehow, either in the rich text or as a remote link.