Removal of Forge user consent caused major upgrade but users are not aware


With the removal of requiring every user to do the “user consent” dance things should be a lot smoother, but there’s this one big problem.

We released an app built on Forge back in June 2022 and each minor upgrade flowed out to the users (sure the user consent hit them from time to time).

Now with our latest release we got the removal of the Forge user consent (which should be good) but → it requires an “admin” to perform the update of the app (Apps > Manage Apps > “The App” > Update).

And the regular users are unaware of this and don’t even know that they should request that the admin should do the update!

Sure, we can try to reach out to our users but typically we don’t really know who they are and only have a bunch of emails to whoever registered an email when installed the app the first time.

Anyone else “stuck” in this limbo?
Thoughts from Atlassian and the Forge team on this?



Yes, this is a really bad situation and we are also struggling with this.

As we have a free app, we can’t even send mails to our customers (as we don’t have that information in most cases).

We removed the user consent in July and released a version before that with a big “please update” popup. But to this day only 40% of our customers has done the manual update…


Hey Fredrik,

I get that major version bumps are a headache. It was a trade off we made when we released simplified user consent into preview. I hope I was clear about that from the get-go.

Any app that adopts user consent now in GA won’t have to deal with this major version change. I know that doesn’t make your current situation any less frustrating though.

We’re well aware that the major version upgrade flow for Forge apps is a problem. Having a bunch of customers stuck on old versions isn’t ideal for anyone.

We’re putting our heads together to make this better for Forge in 2024. We don’t have the answers yet, but we’ve got some ideas we’re pretty excited to test out.



Hi Adam,

I read the changelog and also the posts here. Could you clarify the situation for those people (like me) who deployed around August 2023 the last time. Did not join the GA/EAP for this feature.
And now:

(1) Someone installs the app on a new instance => Does the new simplified consent work out of the box?

(2) The app is already installed on an instance => Does the new simplified consent work out of the box for a user that has not used the app before and now does?

thanks a lot :slight_smile:

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Ok that is bad.

Nothing to do, our users on your Forge platform stuck unless there admin gets around to update the apps…

Why don’t you make it clearly visible to the regular users that there are updates to the apps in their Jira Cloud instance and that they should request an update from their admin?

Leaving it like this is bad for the users and bad for us the app vendors who jumped the “forge train”.

Dropping a mockup for as food for thought.



Hi @AdamMoore

any suggestion for a “workaround” ?


Admins must perform the update yet the app doesn’t make it clear to them that they need to. Atlassian Forge team needs to improve the UI at least.

Previously all users could not use the app until it was updated, it was a big fat requirement. I’m not saying to do exactly that but something when admins feel they need to do it and it should poke them periodically.

This is good for security and so ensure the apps works well (ie bug fixes).


Right, the blocked bug fixes is another potentially big issue…