Remove notification scheme from a project

Via the API I can update the notification scheme for a project, but is it possible to remove a notification scheme for a project? In the UI under project settings this would be equivalent to setting the notification scheme to “None” (and yes I tried sending None in my request payload but that didn’t work!).

Hello @RobRussell

You could delete the Notification Scheme that applies to that Project. Yes, if other projects are using the same scheme, they will be affected, but that is no different that what happens via the GUI.

Or, create a new, empty scheme and assign it to the Project.

hi @sunnyape - thanks for the assist. Correct, it’s a shared notification scheme so I don’t want to delete the actual scheme - just dis-associate it from the project. If I can’t figure out a different approach I like the idea of just creating a notification scheme with no notifications. Basically achieves the same thing!