Remove the Markup notations from comment body returned from JIRA API

In our JIRA setup as we are using Default Text renderer for rendering the comments field through REST API, our objective is to get the output without the markup notations in a more readable format.
This is some of the code snippets which we have used for the application where the comments will be displayed

//API endpoint to fetch the comments for an issue
string restUrl = String.Format(“{0}rest/api/2/issue/” + TicketNumber + “/comment?expand=properties”, connection.GetUrl());

//Deserialize the JSON response from the API
dynamic _sData = JsonConvert.DeserializeObject(str);

//Adding the comments to a Gridview
foreach (var comment in _sData.comments)
dt.Rows.Add(, + " added a comment on " + date + , comment.body.ToString());

But the output contains markup notations ,these are some of the examples

  1. tickets._+\n * *User Experience
  2. ed format.* {color:#00875a}- DONE{color}\n * *

**JIRA admin doesn’t allow us to change the renderer to WIKI renderer