Removing a Scope from a Jira Atlassian Connect add-on

Currently our Jira Connect add-on has READ, WRITE and DELETE scopes. What happens if we remove one of these? For instance if we keep READ and WRITE and drop DELETE.

According to docs, Marketplace will roll out a new minor version but do customers still need to approve the automatically upgraded Marketplace version?

We also have some customers stuck in older versions of our add-on because they have not approved the add-on when we added the DELETE scope. What happens to those instances? Does UPM just care about the minor version or it’s aware of scopes so that it can detect that the new version is compatible.

1.0.7-AC [READ, WRITE] (few instances still here, didn’t approve scope addition)
1.1.12-AC [READ, WRITE, DELETE] (most customers are on this version)
1.2.0-AC [READ, WRITE] (Hypothetical next version after we remove DELETE scope)

What happens to customers on versions 1.0.7-AC and 1.1.12-AC?

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@jgaard or @dparrish do you know the answer to @nader.ghanbari’s question?

Hi @nader.ghanbari,
We’ll always try to upgrade the customer to the latest version. When a new version is released, we compare the installed scopes for each customer to the scopes of the new version. If there’s no increase in scope (or if there is a decrease in scope), we’ll automatically upgrade customers to that new version. This is true even if intervening versions had an increase in scope that the customer didn’t approve.

So, based on the scenario you described, when you release 1.2.0-AC, users on any past versions (including 1.0.7-AC) will be automatically upgraded to 1.2.0-AC, without having to approve the change.


Thanks a lot @dparrish. This was really helpful and I can confirm that it works as expected.

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