Removing Forge app's access to an Atlassian account is broken?

I have added a new user account with just the most basic privileges to my Jira Cloud organization in order to test if the app I’m working on functions correctly for non-admins. At first I have run afoul of [FRGE-1193] - Ecosystem Jira, but while troubleshooting that, I have discovered it’s seemingly impossible to revoke an app’s access to an account.

After accessing the app for the first time the “Allow access” dialog popped-up. I clicked allow and accepted on the next screen. I got this error:

but the permission got added anyway. At this point this was in the account’s “Connected apps”:

I have tried removing the access in two ways. Method A:

  1. I clicked “Remove access” and confirmed. The section would get changed to this and even persist through a refresh:
  2. I refreshed a window with some part of the app in Jira (for example, a global page). The app loaded normally (even though it shouldn’t have had necessary permissions at this point).
  3. After refreshing the account page it reverted back to the starting state, i.e. with allowed app access.

Method B:

  1. I clicked the “Revoke” button and confirmed:
  2. I refreshed the app in Jira. It popped up the “Allow access” dialog again.
  3. I clicked “Remove access” and confirmed. See step 1. in method A for how the section looked.
  4. I refreshed the app in Jira. It loaded normally.
  5. I refreshed the account page. It reverted to the starting state, even undoing the “Revoke” step.

So, unless I’m missing something, this seems kind of broken? Has anyone else encountered this issue?


Thanks for writing this up as a community post. From your tag on this post as “bug” and description that it goes beyond FRGE-1193 and the new location as ECO-87, I would ask that you also open a bug with developer support. We don’t have policy that would ensure this topic would get triaged for fixing, unless it is raised through developer support.

As we wait here to see if others are affected, maybe you could also report back when support issues an issue key for the bug?

@ibuchanan Hi, I just wanted to ask around a bit to see if I was maybe doing something wrong before making a formal bug report. Should I go do it now?


I’m sure asking around is appreciated by both the community and support. Often community comments help inform a faster path to reproducing the issue. However, I think we could work in parallel (public & private) on this one and I am keen to see this one get the formal bug treatment.

@ibuchanan I have created the bug report: [FRGE-1363] - Ecosystem Jira

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