Rename Confluence Cloud bot user

Hi Support Team,

We’re at the stage of renaming our add-on and there’s one place where we don’t know how to do it.

In Confluence Cloud, our add-on use its own bot-user (accountType=app). This bot-user is necessary for the work of our add-on. We use it in order our add-on could have access to Confluence content.

To do that, it is added to the restrictions of the page. Please see the example:

We’d like to rename the bot-user from Quizzes for Confluence Cloud to another name. Is it possible to change the name of the bot-user?

I’m also curious is it possible to change only the name without changing the bot’s access to pages and spaces?

We’ll be happy if you could explain how we can do that. Please let me know if you have any additional questions.

Kind regards,

Hey @aorlov,

I’m pretty sure this is the answer to your problem:

Maybe @dmorrow is able to help resolve this once again or provide us with a URL to the right service desk where we can raise a ticket for this? :smiley: