Reorder custom field options - 504 Gateway Timeout

Reordering a select-list with many items (~ 5.000) doesn’t work when using the PUT /rest/api/3/field/{fieldId}/context/{contextId}/option/move endpoint. Even just ordering a few items will result in a 504 after 60 Seconds.
This is affecting more and more customers with growing lists on our end. The total limit of options is 10.000 so I would expect this to work with any amount of options below that limit.
Can anyone help troubleshoot this issue?


@thomas1 I’ve reached out internally to the team to see if this is a known issue. Meanwhile, since it’s affecting customers, and there isn’t any documented limit, I recommend that you report this as a bug at Please provide as many details in the ticket as possible to help the investigation, including a couple of the affected instances, etc.

Hi @thomas1 , is this a new issue or it has just started occurring? Can you replicate that with 100% accuracy? I do see increased request times for this endpoint, but I don’t see any spike in server side errors. I don’t see any new changes being introduced in this area either, but I will keep looking.
Anyway, as @nmansilla wrote, this sounds like a good case for our support.

Thanks @nmansilla and @KamilKozlowski for the quick reply.
I already created a support ticket and will add more details there.
This behavior has existed for some time for very large lists, but is getting worse lately. I wouldn’t expect to see a spike in server-side errors, since the request is part of a job that gets delayed further with each error.