Replacement for now-deprecated ClusterManager getClusterInformation()


It seems that com.atlassian.confluence.cluster.ClusterManager has had it’s getClusterInformation() method deprecated since Confluence 8.2. Similarly, the ClusterInformation interface has also been deprecated.

Is there is a current / planned drop-in replacement? Or are we expected to use other currently available methods to achieve the functionality provided by getClusterInformation()?

Eg: there doesn’t seem to be available replacements for getClusterInformation().getName() or getClusterInformation().getDescription().

Thanks in advance,

Hi @AndrewMorton,
There was a plan to replace ClusterInformation (and many other classes which work with Hazelcast), but this work was temporary put on hold. So you could continue to use those classes and methods. Once we have replacement for them, we will update documentation.

Irina Tiapchenko

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